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Our precision machining process and range of solid timbers will ensure a high quality product for your project.

Machined from kiln or air dried stock and quality checked troughout the various stages of machining our solid timber flooring range is easy to lay and an asset to your home.

Available in 75mm, 85mm, 100mm, 128, 135 and 150 as well as custom machined widths.

Structural thickness 19mm ideal for laying on joists.

10 and 12mm overlay flooring available as well.

Rimu floor extension Epsom

Rimu floor extension to existing, Epsom.


Sports Floors

Our high use solid timber floorboard, able to handle an entire team of basketball players.

Machined from a 40mm slab and finished to either a 65 or 85mm width.


Island Kauri


For that feature ceiling nothing beats timber. Talk to us about our range of sarking and panelling.


Truck Decking

 Shiplap or T&G, Pine, Damanu or Kwila. Ideal for your truck deck or trailer.

Rimu floor extension Mt Eden

Mt Eden renovation using Rimu T&G 135mm wide.


Dakua - Pacific/Fiji Kauri Agathis Vitiensis- 

Used as flooring, panelling, sarking and skirting boards.

Tawa  Beilschmiedia Tawa Flooring, panelling, sarking.

Totara Podocarpus totara - Flooring, sarking, roof shingles.

Matai Prumnopiys taxifolia - Flooring, panelling, sarking.

Eucalypts - Fastigata, Regnans, NZ Mountain Ash. Flooring, sarking, panelling.

Rimu Dacrydium cupressinum- Flooring, panelling, sarking, skirting boards and mouldings.

Kauri  Agathis australis - Flooring, panelling, sarking, skirting boards and mouldings.

Radiata Pine Pinus radiata - flooring, truck decking, panelling, sarking and mouldings

Yaka - Pacific Rimu Dacrydium nidulum - Flooring, panelling, sarking. skirting boards & mouldings.

Matai floor delivery

Moisture content

Kauri, Rimu & Matai T&G flooring like all timber flooring is a natural product. As such changes in temperature and ambient moisture levels will result in some movement of the boards. Our boards are delivered to site with a moisture content between 9 to 14%.

There are several factors that will promote movement of the boards. Firstly wider boards will experience a higher degree of shrinkage. Floor to ceiling windows can allow high temperatures and rapid shrinkage of the boards. In home heating and air-conditioning systems also promote rapid variations in moisture levels. An important factor to consider is ventilation under the floor. High moisture content under the floor will promote swelling of the boards.

If considering overlaying timber floors on concrete it is important to ensure the concrete is dry. Laid in winter the slab may take months to dry to an acceptable humidity level. When planning to lay solid timber overlay flooring on concrete a narrower board is recommended.

Your timber flooring should be transported and stored on site in dry conditions. We recommend acclimatizing the boards, strip stacked in the room where it is to be laid between one to three weeks. Do not acclimatize the timber flooring in direct contact with your concrete slab.

Your floorlayer will check the moisture content prior to laying. Please call us if you need us to refer you to experienced timber floor layers.

Tauck Timber is an Auckland based native timber T&G flooring manufacturer. Please contact us with any further queries or a no obligation measure and quote.

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