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Ideas For Timber As An Interior Feature

Wood has always been a favoured material used in shaping your surroundings either at home or at work. It gives a pleasant, natural ambience with its unique characteristic to any living environment. It can be used for flooring, wall panels, ceiling panels and many more.

Wood Flooring

Wood is commonly used for flooring because it’s hard wearing, easy to maintain, eco-friendly and most importantly, it adds an aesthetic touch to any home or office. It never goes out of style and its quality lasts a lifetime. Also, it is easy to match with any kind of décor – it goes well with contemporary or traditional designs.

Tawa Timber Flooring

Wall Panels

Using native timber for wall panels is a functional as well as decorative option. They are efficient in providing insulation and soundproofing along with durability and ease of replaceability. Wood wall panels can reduce construction costs by providing a consistent look and aesthetic finish.

Ceiling Panels

Wood ceiling panels can add definition to any space with its rich and warm characteristic. Veneered or solid wood finishes are the usual choices when it comes to adding ceiling panels. Timber panels can keep a consistent, traditional look to any living environment. If used correctly, timber can also have creative, contemporary applications. Using native timber sarking internally creates elegant lines and add depth to a room, while creating a stunning feature.

Timber Feature Ceiling

Check out our recent ceiling sarking installation in the Avondale College reception for inspiration.

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